Over 250 Celebrities and VIPs attended acclaimed photographer Javier Gomez

Over 250 Celebrities and VIPs attended acclaimed photographer Javier Gomez’ Special Exhibition at the Showbiz Store & Café in New York City. The event benefitted “Strengthen Our Sisters” and and was hosted by film star Lauren LoGiudice, star of the new film When Harry Tries to Marry.

Guests included Javier Gomez, film star Lauren LoGiudice, Lance Bass, film and television star Timothy Mandala, star of the new Vin Diesel series, actress Debi Joffee, Supermodel Camilla Barungi of Project Runway fame, Josh Folan and Pauline Kim, Mike Woods of Good Day New York, Sean Biloski, star of the upcoming film Hall of Mirrors; film producer Ed Martin, ESPN television personality Ashlee Ray, film star Max Rhyser, Aryn Cole, star of the upcoming film Lorenzo & Monica, Fox TV producer Jose Salvador, director Logan Smalley, Best-Selling author Debra Duneier, Interior Designer Daniel Koslov of New York Modern Interiors LLC, Supermodels Patrick Hazlewood, Brent Van Zant, Andrey Davidenko and Wittemberg Stanley Adolf; Gunnar Larson, CEO of Network Global.TV, James Grant, President of JGPR, Jack Haruska, Design Director of Bloomingdales; Davide Vacca of Prada; Tui Pranich, President of Tui Lifestyle, Stuart Brownstein from Colin Cowie Lifestyle, Emily Beare, Executive Vice President, The Core Group, Linda Morand, Anthony Lopez of Showbiz Software, Michaela Davies and Nayan Padrai, director of When Harry Tries To Marry.

Jacquelyn Aluotto, Founder & President of RBRW and Sandra Ramos, Founder of “Strengthen Our Sisters” attended the event representing their organizations.

Strengthen Our Sisters is a grassroots, community based, nonprofit, 155 bed shelter program serving homeless/battered women and children. The mission of Strengthen Our Sisters is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse by restoring balance and harmony through individual empowerment.

RBRW.Org was created with the intention that women, children, teens and abuse victims and survivors, celebrities, artists and society could have a website and internet shows that bring them together.

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